CentOS : Cara Upgrade dari PHP 5.1.x ke PHP 5.3

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Pertama stop terlebih dahulu Apache Web Server:
#service httpd stop

Hapus paket-paket PHP 5.1.x :
#yum remove php php-*

Install PHP 5.3 :

#yum install php53-cli

#yum install php53-common

#yum install php53-devel

#yum install php53-gd

#yum install php53-mbstring

#yum install php53-mysql

#yum install php53-soap

#yum install php53-xml

#yum install php53-xmlrpc

#yum install php53-bcmath

#yum install php53-snmp

Aktifan Apache kembali :
#service httpd start


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  1. 5 Responses to “CentOS : Cara Upgrade dari PHP 5.1.x ke PHP 5.3”

  2. By dedy on Sep 29, 2011 | Reply

    kalau saya download file php 5.3.8 di situs http://www.php.net
    lalu bagaimana cara instal di centos???

  3. By ngga jelas on Nov 15, 2011 | Reply

    nggak jelas bro………………..

  4. By satria on Sep 8, 2012 | Reply

    makasih bang vps saya sudah jadi php 5.3

    soalnya saya instal webmin ternyata phpnya masih jadul php 5.1 //..

    untung disini ada tutornya thank’s ya mass…

  5. By ari on Apr 14, 2013 | Reply

    kurang begtu dimengerti nih min

  6. By tesmengetik on Jul 6, 2013 | Reply

    thanks min

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